Sunday, May 28

Little Baby Clothes

Squee! Little baby things! 

Size 3 months, as per pattern

Size 3 months, but legs extended to 9 month length

The contrast hem at the bottom has added a bit of length. Otherwise as per pattern.

Sunday, October 26

What I learnt from my first cosplay

In no particular order:
  • It would have been faster and easier if I'd had my sewing machine. 
  • Amazon and ebay really are suprisingly cheap.
  • Toy plastic guns that don't look like alien guns are quite hard to find.
  • Staples are not your friend (not even to cheat and attach belt buckles).
  • Temporary spray glue (post-it note glue!) is your friend (to fix things in place while you sew instead of using pins; to stop things falling down on the day).
  • Colombia doesn't have enough types of glue (or perhaps I was just looking in the wrong shops?)
  • Foam craft sheets are brilliant.
  • Stencils should be stuck down (preferably using the post-it note glue) to whatever they are supposed to be covering, otherwise just trace it and use a sharpie (yes, I found out the hard way). 
  • Graffiti must be much harder than it looks - just spray painting a couple of knife handles and bullets was hard enough!
  • Spray paint comes off plastic bullets quite easily :(
  • Always have a plan B, C, and D for the construction process/materials, and for what to do if things fall off when you're in costume. 
  • People will pay you to have their photo taken with you! (Or would have if I'd asked... next time!)
  • A large number of people will want their photo taken with you even though they have no idea who you're supposed to be dressed up as:
Spot the Black Widow...
  • People who do recognise your character, and are dressed up as a "teammate" will produce the most awesome photos:
  • People who are dressed up as something completely irrelevant will produce the funniest photos:

  • Curly hair really suits me. 
  • Fake eyelashes are brilliant.
  • It will take longer than you plan, but not as long as you fear.
  • You will end up with both surplus, and not enough, materials for various parts of your costume. 
  • Wigs are fine, but real hair gets more attention.
  • Getting into character really pays off (modelling job offers!).
  • If you're dressed as a character who can fight, everyone will want to "fight" with you in the photos:
  • Being famous for five minutes is hilarious (I've been "recognised" twice by people in the street).
  • Having guns in thigh holsters is frighteningly comfortable and easy to get used to (brilliant place to rest your hands).
  • Children are awed by people in costumes (OK, I already knew that, but I hadn't experienced it from this side of the relationship!)
  • It's a great way to make friends who are into the same silly stuff as you.
  • It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it!

Friday, July 13

Modern Hexagon Cushion

Well, I'm still alive, and suffering occasional bouts of sewing machine withdrawal. Especially when looking at jersey tops and thinking "I could make that in half an hour for a quarter of the price!"

Hand sewing is helping to ease the cravings (as is being really busy on other things) and this is my first completely hand sewed project! Ok, the hems on the back are the original sheet hems, but the pretty parts are all mine ;)

A paper pieced cushion made of oversized hexagons. The fabric is from one of the charm packs I brought with me from London. I think I still have enough for the quilt that I'd originally intended this fabric for! The white fabric is a cotton sheet I bought on sale. I think next time I'll go for a (still 100% cotton but) lesser quality sheet, as this fine one was, well, a little too fine compared to the quilting cotton. It is soft though :)

I feel like a rockstar for completing this :D And more so as I finished it a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn't fallen apart yet!

Monday, January 9

In with the old, Out with the new

In times of change and upheaval, it's only natural to cling onto some remnant of the past, something to ground you, remind you of simpler times and make you remember that it will all work out in the end. Usually this is something from the changee's own lifetime, however. So why have I just decided to make an entire quilt by hand? Perhaps I am overreacting a little. Hay que ver...

Sunday, January 8

A Surprisingly Manly Scarf

Black, super chunky alpaca. Extremely cosy!

Sunday, January 1

La Serenisima

A Hug and a Squeeze

My own pattern, based on (yet again) the squishy scarf. Using a figure of 8 cast on, knit in the round, with a plait threaded through the ribs at the top to close. Purple chunky alpaca. Very warm and snuggly :D