Sunday, July 31


Inspired by this shirt-to-skirt refashion and the clothes in this movie, I finally got around to improving my £4 Primark men's shirt.

4-1 to Colombia

I made the circular (¡finally!) arepas, mi profe did the fillings. A perfect partnership. And the food was good too ;)

British Summer

Believe it or not, this was my attempt at choosing summery colours... However, as it's been raining and cloudy so much this summer it turned out more appropriate for Halloween :D

John Lewis is getting better at stocking 'fashionable' designers, and I'm very happy to finally have some Joel Dewberry after drooling over other bloggers' photos for so long. Now I just need a central London shop to start selling all the Moda fabric, then I'll have a real problem.

I first saw this bag here, and downloaded the pattern here. As I didn't want such a large bag I took a few inches off the length, and due to my love of pockets decided not to make it reversible by cutting the lining down instead of ruffling it to fit, so as to make it easier to sew the pockets in. I also added a magnetic popper and, once again, was too enthusiastic to read the instructions in the pattern, so ended up with very wide handles. They are comfy though, so I shall count it as a design feature, not an error ;)

Tuesday, July 26

The Little Prince's Rose

The lamb hasn't eaten it yet...

Saturday, July 23

Mother's Day

Decorated Moleskine notebooks and matching jar of home-made hand cream.

Baby Boom

An easy and addictive project for the "hot" summer months. The pattern was taken (and adapted, for the green) from here.

Friday, July 15

Lunch Date

A thank you gift for a dear, although disobedient, student.
Made with space for biscuits, although I suspect it will be used for cocktails. Espero q disfrutes la misa en chino!

Wednesday, July 6

Pillow Flight

Done following the tutorial here, with the pattern from here. And by "following,", I mean "skimming then getting overconfident and mis-remembering." Still, the only effect was to have my geese flying widdershins. And the male resident is happy to have something which isn't pink and flowery - the matching quilt is up next...!