Friday, July 13

Modern Hexagon Cushion

Well, I'm still alive, and suffering occasional bouts of sewing machine withdrawal. Especially when looking at jersey tops and thinking "I could make that in half an hour for a quarter of the price!"

Hand sewing is helping to ease the cravings (as is being really busy on other things) and this is my first completely hand sewed project! Ok, the hems on the back are the original sheet hems, but the pretty parts are all mine ;)

A paper pieced cushion made of oversized hexagons. The fabric is from one of the charm packs I brought with me from London. I think I still have enough for the quilt that I'd originally intended this fabric for! The white fabric is a cotton sheet I bought on sale. I think next time I'll go for a (still 100% cotton but) lesser quality sheet, as this fine one was, well, a little too fine compared to the quilting cotton. It is soft though :)

I feel like a rockstar for completing this :D And more so as I finished it a couple of weeks ago and it still hasn't fallen apart yet!