Sunday, October 26

What I learnt from my first cosplay

In no particular order:
  • It would have been faster and easier if I'd had my sewing machine. 
  • Amazon and ebay really are suprisingly cheap.
  • Toy plastic guns that don't look like alien guns are quite hard to find.
  • Staples are not your friend (not even to cheat and attach belt buckles).
  • Temporary spray glue (post-it note glue!) is your friend (to fix things in place while you sew instead of using pins; to stop things falling down on the day).
  • Colombia doesn't have enough types of glue (or perhaps I was just looking in the wrong shops?)
  • Foam craft sheets are brilliant.
  • Stencils should be stuck down (preferably using the post-it note glue) to whatever they are supposed to be covering, otherwise just trace it and use a sharpie (yes, I found out the hard way). 
  • Graffiti must be much harder than it looks - just spray painting a couple of knife handles and bullets was hard enough!
  • Spray paint comes off plastic bullets quite easily :(
  • Always have a plan B, C, and D for the construction process/materials, and for what to do if things fall off when you're in costume. 
  • People will pay you to have their photo taken with you! (Or would have if I'd asked... next time!)
  • A large number of people will want their photo taken with you even though they have no idea who you're supposed to be dressed up as:
Spot the Black Widow...
  • People who do recognise your character, and are dressed up as a "teammate" will produce the most awesome photos:
  • People who are dressed up as something completely irrelevant will produce the funniest photos:

  • Curly hair really suits me. 
  • Fake eyelashes are brilliant.
  • It will take longer than you plan, but not as long as you fear.
  • You will end up with both surplus, and not enough, materials for various parts of your costume. 
  • Wigs are fine, but real hair gets more attention.
  • Getting into character really pays off (modelling job offers!).
  • If you're dressed as a character who can fight, everyone will want to "fight" with you in the photos:
  • Being famous for five minutes is hilarious (I've been "recognised" twice by people in the street).
  • Having guns in thigh holsters is frighteningly comfortable and easy to get used to (brilliant place to rest your hands).
  • Children are awed by people in costumes (OK, I already knew that, but I hadn't experienced it from this side of the relationship!)
  • It's a great way to make friends who are into the same silly stuff as you.
  • It's a lot of work, but it's definitely worth it!