Saturday, August 13

The Joy of Foreign Flatmates

Friday night was spent, as all Friday nights should be, with good food, good people, and dangerous drinks. And the best part? When I woke up the following morning, they had done all the clearing up! A cake of some kind should definitely feature soon as a thank you for my lovely flatmates. 

 Golden tequila, which is apparently drunk with slices of orange sprinkled with cinnamon, and is definitely just as effective as the better known silver/lime/salt combination. Fresh guacamole, handmade by a real Mexican - devoured on top of potatoes with butter...! Not as neat/tidy as tortilla chips, but literally (and necessarily) finger-licking good.

 Arepas - handmade by... the only non-native Spanish speaker in the kitchen, me! I suppose practice does make (close enough to) perfect after all: there were no complaints from anyone who knows what arepas should be like. The spring onion, however, is still a mystery to me. I believe it was all still there at the end of the evening...

Several kilos of the best beef Seven Sisters had to offer. Photographing piles of raw meat in an appetising manner was a lot harder than I had expected - next time I'll wait until it's been cooked :)

Just to have something girly in this post ;)

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